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All with traditional grilled meals, Restaurant BATAK in its offer also has the famous Leskovac Grill. Our diverse menu, where every gourmand can find something for himself, has interesting grilled meals such as mazalice, vješalice, mućkalice (spreaders, hangers, shakers) and others.

We have prepared a special plate for you (Batak plate and gourmand plate) which will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds. LESKOVAC GRILL is based solely on red veal. The grilled meat is well-salted and grilled. The Leskovac cuisine belongs to cuisines with the largest ratio of vegetables in the sense of a large number of various vitamin salads. The spices we use are of plant origin, and also full of vitamins and minerals. The animal fat is in minimum quantities and oil is used solely in its raw form. Spicy additions are not mandatory. The Leskovac specialties are prepared over an open fire, on wooden coal, which ensures an exceptional taste and juiciness.




Batak grill Rudeš

Batak grill Golf

Batak grill Kvatrić

  • Golf&country, Jadranska avenija 6, Zagreb
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  • Telephone: +385 1 653 0722


Batak grill Cvjetni

Batak grill Savica

Batak grill Sesvete

  • Centar Cvjetni, Trg Petra Preradovića 6, Zagreb
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  • Trakošćanska 36, Sesvete
  • Telephone: +385 (0)1 4952-201

Batak grill Zaprešić

  • Maršala Tita 48, Zaprešić
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Lucrecija Skoric
not that I can not breathe, but luckily my friend is driving because otherwise you should call the tow truck! service is awful, they see this young and slender girl and offer them sweet. hahah, joke of course! we’ll be back for sure! this time during the day! I’m sorry because I barely scoop of chocolate managed to cram in myself!

Ivan Greby Dosen
The service is good, food excellent, briefly perfect. Be sure to visit

Ivančica Yvonne
All praise for the service. Be sure to stop by +5

On Saturday eve with you we had dinner and my impression from before is confirmed: in addition to food is too fine, your waiters are very friendly, polite and nice, which stay in your restaurant make it extremely comfortable. I hope that their work can appreciate and adequately rewarded. Really you have selected a great team – thank you! Surely we will see about that!